Winter’s Beach

Rolling furiously at the sand,

The sea moves through the thick fog,

A clump of seaweed somersaults,

Turning over in the murk.


Teeming rock pools attract birds,

Teasing them down from the jagged cliffs.

The tormenting waves smash like white horses

Down onto the black rocks,

Deafening the beach.


Three shadows dance along the sand,

The salted riptide echoes through their voices.

Soft, coral lips part and call out warmly

Against the chill.


Their movements sleek,

Choreographed by the wind,

Clapping, splashing, piercing,

The cold water burns

The feet of the innocent,

Making once peach skin,

As white as the waves.

The tall shadows become embers

And burn into the evening ice.


 – Daniel Williams

Cappuccino Sea (Rough Beach)

Glass-sharp sand blasts from the nightmare sea.

Cracking lightning waves through 

the dirty water, 

spewing surfers upon the shore.
The cappuccino sea,

Its bitter taste 

seeping into my mouth.
Fishermen string their rods, 

dipping them, stirring them 

through the quivering sea foam.
Bouquets sit at intervals 

along the sand,

Dead flowers for the dead
Placed in the past by the current.
 – Daniel Williams