Comfortably dilated by the lights my spying eyes follow the beams through the dark, spinning their vision webs of jet trails cutting across the room. My mouth grows numb. Squinting, my marbled beads invite the buzzers into my white par-lured web. Salty tear-drops land on the stretched sea-silk girders, preying for me to spare them the demure tools of catching a catch and of flying a find and of wrapping a chord of woven silver around their clovered pretty plum enticed onto my sweetened shelf. I sit, perched on the dainty balcony, and orchestrate a falsified dance of stone-white embraces, a waltz of loveless sparring between ourselves in rivers of lustful reddened brown, as fighters do. Wincing at the climatic demise of what we have shared, but still, devouring continues. In a diamond haze, we sink together in my delightful den, tonight we dined together, a party of two. Digested, we become one.


– Daniel Williams